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Welcome dearest time traveller
We gathered
December 21st 1-2:30 P.S.T

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Here is where all you need for our journey down 2023 together. Remember to have the playsheet printed out OR creatively duplicated in your own funky fashion. This will be your reference map all year so isnt burn pile bound.

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Meet Saera(She/her/They)

Ritualist* Seer * Witch

Ambassadress of the Unseen  

 Teacher of Mystic Arts

Saera Burns is an Ambassadress of the Unseen: Clairvoyant, Theta Healing practitioner, Soul Physician and teacher of the mystic arts.  Saera has been exploring her fascination with the Great Mystery since a child, through Spirit Guide connection, plant communication, and participating in diverse ceremonies.

 Currently living on unceded Coast Salish territory in a 20-person land-based community on Salt Spring Island. She plays "house" with her husband and 3 children ranging from 0-11. They also steward the beautiful Orchestra farm. Saera's passion for the complex nature of the Soul has led her to teaching and supporting clients in over 6 countries with theirs.

 You can find her on the dance floor, holding ritual space, singing to the wild or communing with plants.



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