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seraphinaaudioSeraphina Interview
00:00 / 45:27

Seraphina Capranos


Seraphina is a 3rd generation herbalist, homeopath and priestess with a practice spanning over 2 decades. She has a unique blend of gifts that straddle the vast worlds of plant medicine, homeopathy, shamanism and ritual magic..

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sunsunleilaniSun Sun & Leilani
00:00 / 40:53

Sun Sun & Leilani
A.K.A Witch Prophet


Sun Sun makes arts + beats + fashion. Leilani "Witch Prophet" is an evolution of Toronto based, Ethiopian/Eritrean singer-songwriter Ayo Leilani. A soundscape of vocal layers, loops, raps and harmonies on a bed of hip-hop, jazz and soul-inspired beats.

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phoenixaudioPhoenix Interview
00:00 / 39:54

Phoenix Amara


For over a decade, Phoenix has found herself drawn to exploring the intersection of soul, sex and artistic expression - which she now does for a living as a Prayerformer, Ceremonialist and women's leadership coach. Weaving archetypal embodiment, sacred sexuality practices, and artistic expression - the Temple Arts Alchemy she founded in 2019 guides one into the mysteries of harnessing magic, and energy and creative reality designing through soul, sex and art. Her recent book, ‘Ascension of Gaia: The Quantum Erotic Evolution of Planet Earth’s Consciousness’ reveals how the ancient prophecies of cultures past tie into the current rising of Also the co-founder of EarthSong EcoFarm (and homeschooling mama) on Vancouver Island, she’s also a strong advocate for pioneering food sovereignty, new forms of unschooling for children, and coming back to ‘revillaging’ in our communities.

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shaynaaudioShayna Interview
00:00 / 32:02

Shayna Gladstone


Shayna AKA Sister Stone is an Earth Rooted Leadership Guide, Facilitation Trainer & R&B Artist occupying unceded Anishinaabe territory in Metro-Detroit Michigan. Through all of her offerings, she helps earth-rooted leaders transform their disconnection into belonging, unworthiness into power, and adversity into blessings so that they can, live out the ultimate expression of their reciprocal exchange within the web of life.

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lunainterviewaudioLuna Interview
00:00 / 39:32

Luna Battalia


Luna is a Transformational Alignment & Leadership Mentor, with a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, and the creator of The Alignment Code™ and the Self-Initiation Armation Deck. She works at the intersection of the human and the holy. 

Her mission is to offer spaces for self-initiation to service-oriented changemakers who hear the call to step more fully into aligned leadership through their unique expression and maintenance of their values, so they can run legacy leaving lives, families, communities, and organizations.

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ishkaIshka Interview
00:00 / 40:08

Ishka Lha


Ishka Lha (pronounced Ee-shka Lha) was born in 1982, and grew up on a ranch atop the rolling hills of northern California, where the quiet natural beauty of her childhood surroundings inspired endless imaginative play and creativity. Ishka is part of a growing visionary art movement that is dedicated to the happiness of all beings, and approaches her creative process as a spiritual practice. Her art explores and celebrates the natural radiance inherent in all dimensions of life through the use of neo-traditional iconography and mythology.

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lizseaaudioLizsea Interview
00:00 / 35:40

Lizsea Ship


Eco-sensual poet & cultural steward. Deep feeler, mover & avid songstress. You
will find her underneath an elderberry tree or gazing at the returning waters. In a
sea of colourful fabric, or balancing one more sweater on top of her head. She is
a clown & aims to grow all skillfulness needed to live fully into her dreams

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lilaausdioLila Interview
00:00 / 38:56

Lila Sofiyah


A dance weaver, temple keeper, alchemical priestess and divine feminine mentor and soul guide, Lila
loves to create spaces for inspiration, connection and remembrance.
For the past 15 years she has had the joy of sharing transformational journeys and retreats weaving
Kundalini Dance, Ecstatic Embodiment, Feminine Leadership and Breathwork around the world. She
shares her passion and love for astrology in deep dive sessions to connect others to their soul’s
unique blueprint.

She is humbled to be able to guide and mentor others on their path of awakening and transformation,
holding a loving space for coming home to oneself and to remember their true unique essence and
shine that into the world.
Guided by the cycles of nature, of the cosmos and our innate inner rhythms that impact and bless our

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shaelaShaela Interview
00:00 / 32:44

Shaela Noella


Shaela Noella has a natural gift of hearing the plants and spirit speak. In her Song Spirit Medicine Sessions she offers song to helping spirit guides and relays the messages. She also loves to make herbal medicines with the guidance of the plant spirits. Her joyous spirit is also well experienced in helping people release blockages around their singing voice so that they can feel more confident in their expression to communicate.

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jennyJenny Interview
00:00 / 37:02

Jenny Ann Holden


Jenny is a trauma-informed embodiment guide, ritualist, writer, artist and mentor of women who works with the more-than-human world (nature) to animate imagination, re-wild the body, and transmute ancestral trauma for initiating personal and communal transformation.

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JasmeenJasmeen Interview
00:00 / 38:18

Jasmeen Hana

jasmeen profile beauty.jpeg

Jasmeen Hana is fully committed to the path of transformation and embodied truth In her upbringing in Egypt she learnt a lot about the effect of suppressing life force and how it manifests are dis-ease and lifelessness. In her pursuit for freedom, vitality and living truth she left the country and travelled the world gathering wisdom and cures from different traditions.
She currently facilitates now with ISTA ( International school of temple arts) as faculty and also returns back to Egypt for some part of the year offering journeys
in the ancient temple arts of the land and soul initiation work.
Her passion is the living artistic expression of soul and the empowerment of humanity through fierce and graceful integration of opposing polarities. She runs the Egyptian temple arts school as well as blue lotus ceremonies and shamanic journeys.

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jessicaJessica Interview
00:00 / 36:27

Jessica  Benstock

jessica benstock.jpg

Jenny is a trauma-informed embodiment guide, ritualist, writer, artist and mentor of women who works with the more-than-human world (nature) to animate imagination, re-wild the body, and transmute ancestral trauma for initiating personal and communal transformation.

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