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Saera Burns is an Ritualist, Seer and Founder of Lighthouse Academy. This playful priestess has been exploring her fascination with the Great Mystery since a child, through Spirit Guide connection, plant communication, and participating in diverse ceremonies.

 Currently, a settler living with her husband and two daughters tending Orchestra farm. on the unceded territory of the Hul’qumi’num and SENĆOŦEN speaking peoples / Salt Spring Island.

   Saera's ancestral line of core magic is rooted in Ireland and earth-based Witch practices.  With support of her Spirit Mentors - The Invisibles- has been a playful present guide in a wide range of rituals including

✔︎ Mother & new family blessings

✔︎ Plant medicine journeys

✔︎ Womyns New Moon circles

✔︎ Honouring miscarriages

✔︎ Conscious conception & releasing

✔︎ De-coupling

✔︎ Marriage

✔︎ Community Sabbath celebrations

✔︎ Group manifestation

..... and more


Rewilding Ritual Therapy

What if you could be prescribed a ritual to help integrate and honour a life transition?

Or a ritual to support you on the next step of your healing?

What about deepening your commitments to yourself, or a loved one?

I believe that Rituals are designed in response to personal, collective, or planetary yearning or need. They speak to the Soulful storyteller in us, who digests our experience best with symbolic actions.

After crafting, participating and studying ritual in many forms I can trully stand behind it as a therapeutic modality. One that empowers our innate creative, wonder filled selves to make meaning of the cycles we encounter within ourselves, the earth and our communities. From joyful transitions to ones that hold profound loss.

To honour the container required for the most potent results sessions are currently solely offered in-person on Salt Spring Island, BC with me & The Invisibles generally in beautiful wild or meaningful locations. The nature of the clients need will help clarify what kind of natural elements will be needed eg. perhaps a seaside fire or a sun-dappled mossy forest. These elements are part of what makes these sessions unique upon themselves as they are not set in the typical clinical environment but the healing restorative landscape of this Earth. During the colder months I generally have a fire present.

Rewilding Ritual Therapy
28 day lunar cycle journey includes:

☾ Initial intro consult via zoom/or in-person

☾ Rewilding ritual (at later agreed date/location)

☾ homework to prepare for ritual

☾ communication with Saera during 6-weeks via signal or what-app voice memo

☾ Integration ritual

☾ BONUS Ritual as Remedy Interview Series

2 hour session includes:

☾ Initial consult

☾ 1.5 hour Rewilding session

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