What are you dreaming into? What projects or inspiration have you had on the back burner? Do you want to host a retreat, offer workshops, have a group program, start a collective? Clarify and actualise!

Inner landscape

What blocks may you have to being seen by your community, or the world in your radiant purpose? Lets get right in there and do the inner work to let yourself feel safe to shine!

Content & Strategies

Explore and tend your offerings through content creation and strategies. Utilize Saera's 10 years experience exploring Entrepreneurial endeavors to help form the formula that works for you.

Mentorship support

Receive the guidance, inspiration and loving support needed to bring inner guidance into outward action.  Feedback is key! 

Witchy ways

Embody your magic through ritual, movement, play, and visioning exercises. Sharing your shine takes developing your capacity to LIVE it..