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Voices for the Unseen

An intimate  council 

for mediums, Ambassadors for the unseen,

and psychic messengers



A bi-weekly council of peer study, support, and strategies to refine how you serve others with support from the Unseen world.

Let me remind you.

Being a messenger for the Unseen is an experiential journey requiring dedication, curiosity and a heap of trial and error. It may start with building a personal relationship with the guiding voices in your mind, from plants or through dreams but there was a bigger vision. For you and from them to serve others.

    It took a fair amount of courage and conviction to reveal this socially obscure part of yourself. But you did, you shared the visions and spiritual guidance that poured from your guides through you for other and instead of being ex-communicated or banished, you were received... OK maybe not everyone was on board but that didn't stop you.

    More then just appreciated these messages were accurate, supportive, and needed. Life's changed, bodies healed, and revelations made over and over again for those who received them.

Me too.

In over a decade in this vocation I have yet to see a place

where we can council up and learn from one another

and where Spirit crew get a seat

in the circle too!

Because on this path the "Paranormal" 

becomes our normal.

With that baseline Lets see

where we can take this conversation.

This will be delivered in ...

Not alone.

I've worked with hundreds in over 6 countries with support from my Spirit Mentor crew “The Invisibles”  and find myself with percolating questions.


What have you learned that can benefit others on a similar path? 

What new perspectives from others can bring our offerings to the next level of refinement and receptivity?

How can we study one-anothers trials, successes, and life of devotion to this craft of intentional communing with the Unseen?


There is only so many documentaries, podcasts, tea with witchy friends, or asking my guides I can lap up in “personal study”. I crave sitting on council with those in the unconventional devotion to being Messengers for the Unseen. 


So who do you work with? …


Perhaps the take-up-big-space deity?

Plant spirits with an agenda to restore balance?

A crew of multi-dimensional pals who sing and heal through you?

That powerhouse team of ancestors?


So I invite you and them to join me and the Invisibles for a gathering of humans and Spirits in devotion to serving together, one message at a time.


Voices for the Unseen.

Meet Saera(She/her/They)

Ritualist* Seer * Witch

 Teacher of Oracular Arts

After a disturbing experience as a teenager, she disassociated from her psychic connection. Slowly finding safety again wielding the power of boundaries, consent, embodiment practices and containers to train within . She now has delivered thousands of supportive messages to people in over 6 countries!

Saera is the founder of the Light House Academy, where she teachers others psychic development our body and nervous system can be on board with. When she isn't supporting clients or her 3 magical children, she could be found communing with her garden, philosophizing over pu'erh tea with her husband, or preparing another witchy community ritual to mark the turning of the year.  

 Currently living on a land-based community in the unceded Coast Salish territory known currently as Salt Spring Island.


This is for advanced practitioners who integrate the Unseen work in their services who...

  • Have served others in tandem with support from the Unseen for 3+ years

  • Are open to alternative spiritual/mystical beliefs then yours

  • Have regular grounding practice to inhabit your body (Gardening and dance is my go-to)

  • Understand the importance of “group mind” and external feedback for growth

Bonus! 2 trainings
Message Received: 5 Day Challenge

Receive . Integrate. Deliver Psychic Information

On behalf of Entities
Navigating unhealthy relationships with the Unseen

message received.png
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In our together a few ideas to explore...

  • Gain greater confidence in delivering impactful psychic messages

  • Business design with input from the Unseen

  • Energetic hygiene protocol working with others

  • Boundaries with the Unseen

  • Channeling support and techniques

  • Practices and routeines

  • Sharing the behind the scenes blooper reel stories

  • ... I especially want to hear what questions you all have for the wellspring of wisdom we can feed the answers with together.

Crystal Ball

Lets recap the details

⛣  x3 LIVE bi-weekly Group Mentorship calls with Saera & The Invisibles re ZOOM

⛣ "Whats app" or "Signal" group thread

⛣ 20% 1-on-1 sessions

⛣ Custom homework tailored to each Council member



⛣ 5-day Message Received training

⛣ On behalf of Entities training


⛣ $111 CAD

  • payment plans available


An exchange your guides and mine agree on. Could be services or something magical in mail etc... 

Putting this together requires a fair amount of admin, childcare, energetic space allotted as the hosting Priestess etc... Money through my services continues to support the Revival and study of the Oracular arts. Adding towards my family of 5's basic food and housing security that I may offer from a grounded well-resourced place.

A message from the Invisibles

“ We need to find new solutions for old traditions of communing with the Living world to support with our behind-the-scenes intel. We have access to reams of ancient technologies, tools for consciousness development, healing traditions and advice for the dismayed. 


To create a seat for us is to simply make the quiet known. 

You are all not alone.


So give us the space you would an elder coming to visit.

Let us speak our hearts and wisdom while you darn the holes in the places broken from a civilization which inherently chose to omit us from participating in what is Earth.”

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