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September 15 - November 11



Build mental and physical tolerance to receive psychic information for yourself and others.

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Psychic-Soma approach:

The heightened ability to

hear . see . feel . and speak

accurate information regarding a situation in which your conscious mind previously did not know. This can be undocumented lived experiences and foreshadowing of future events.

This practice invites mental and body-led intelligence to access guidance that can inform high stake decisions, life navigation, and how you serve others.

This guidance can be applied to:

 pivoting a misaligned treatment approach

 accessing necessary care relatable to clients' or ourselves needs

Helping track destructive patterns to the origin or suppressed trauma connected- for lasting transformation

Insights that inform others with hidden information needed to make life-changing/saving decisions

Reaching Out

Lets remind you of the details

Energetic Hygiene Online Course
valued at $380
Empower, inform, and explore your empathic nature
Have access as long as course is online

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Message Received: 5 Day Challenge
(replay training)
Receive . Integrate. Deliver Psychic Information

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September 15 to 28

The truth I speak to myself or others
is medicine or poison. 

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☾I Hear 

September 29 to October 12

I lovingly dicern that which I hear.

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☾ I see 

October 13- October 26

I witness that which quietly effects everything.

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☾ I Feel 

October 27th- November 11

Every sensation can be unwrapped.

Meet Saera(She/her/They)

Ritualist* Seer * Witch​

 Teacher of Oracular Arts

After a disturbing experience as a teenager, she disassociated from her psychic connection. It took many years of developing systems to feel grounded and safe to open up this vulnerable part of her. She now has delivered thousands of supportive messages to people in over 6 countries!

Saera is the founder of the Light House Academy, where she teachers others to empower their inner Seer. When she isn't supporting clients or her 3 magical children, she could be found communing with her garden, philosophizing over pu'erh tea with her husband, or preparing another witchy community ritual to mark the turning of the year.  

 Currently living on a land-based community in the unceded Coast Salish territory known currently as Salt Spring Island where they steward the beautiful Orchestra farm.

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