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Whats type of

Empath are you?

You may refer to your self as an empath, intuitive, highly sensitive person... but have you ever narrowed down specifically to what? 


Lets learn which of the following types of energy you are most sensitive to so you can tailor the training & support needed to feel empowered with your sensitivity.



Spirit plane


Take personality quiz or scroll for

complimentary Webinar & E-book on Energetic Hygeine 

Taken the Test... ready for more?

Learning about Energetic Hygiene is the next step.

Calling empaths, psychics, and highly sensitive folks!

🌹Have you experienced the need to numb, dissociate or create emotional shielding to be able to function in society as a highly sensitive person?

🌹Have you ever left connecting with someone and felt drained, tired or even sick from the experience?

🌹Perhaps you move through deep unexplained bouts of depression, anxiety or unexplained paranoia?

🌹 Maybe you have lived a life of extreme food sensitivities or physical outbreaks?

📖 If you have answered Yes then this webinar is for you!
Participants will ....

🔮Become acquainted with the nature and effects in your life of the following Empathic families>>>

🔮 Explore the empowering benefits of tracking the origin of energy in your life

🔮Get ideas on how to shift patterns of protection to live a more embodied fulfilling life 



for more?

Check out the 4-week "go at your own pace" online course!

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