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any where

This course available

from a computer near you! 

Content for days

x1 webinar

x20+ video tutorials

x recorded teachings

x1 class workbook

x previous years Group coaching recordings

xBONUS teachings


Weekly action based rituals & routines to apply

to your life. Designed to

bring balance, clarity and embodied soverignty.

Mentorship support

x1 1-on-1 30min consult with Saera & The Invisibles


x1 2hr Deep Soul Journey session (in Amethyst package)

Go-AT your pace

You will have access to the content after the course is completed

for 1 year!


Pss... yes I see that magical you

I know you've worked really hard trying to cover up that highly sensitive Soul you got.

Sorry to break it hun,  but that brightness in you is leaking threw

the fortress you've tried to build around yourself to feel safe.

I get it.

But the world needs all that brilliant YOU to bring your fullness to the playing feild of life.

I'm talking full-sensory-embodiment.

 Inner GPS on- alert and clear on the path ahead YOU.

 One way to get there... or sustain this way of living is to:

1. explore


3. empower

Your epic empathic nature


Have you experienced the need to numb, dissociate or create emotional shielding

to be able to function in society as a highly sensitive person?

Have you ever left connecting with someone and felt drained, tired

or even sick from the experience?

Perhaps you move through deep unexplained bouts of depression, anxiety

or unexplained paranoia?

Maybe you have lived a life of extreme food sensitivities or physical outbreaks?

Are you ready to write a new story about how your Empathic nature affects you?

One where you get to track and interact with the energies affecting you consciously.

Where your responses come from an informed and empowered place.

And thats where this course may come in handy.

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Physical Plane Energies

Week One

* Alchemical Altars

* Putting Objects to sleep

* Colour as Aly & Colour oracle

* Life hacks purging objects

* Energetic of money

* Car altars

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Week Three

* Ghosting

* Contracts & Commitments with others

* Cleansing people with sound & smoke

* Energetic Chords between people

* Communication Tools and boundaries

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Bonus Teachings

Just because 

* Magical Empathic Children:

      -interview with 6 year old

* Magical guide to Spring Cleaning Webinar

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Planetary Energies

Week Two

* Guardian Plant Allies

* Nature Elemental Connection

* Cleansing with water

* Parasites, digestion issues, heightened food sensitivity

* Somatic elemental practice

*Snow meditation

*Interview over tea

*Earth Draining


Spirit Plane Energies

Week Four

* Animal spirits

* Numbness as protection

* Building healthy relations with Spirits

*Meet your guide (meditation)

* Sounds that shift energy

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