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What is the greatest gift you can give your ancestors?

The last time I touched the Atlantic Sea and the Mi'kmaq territory my fathers bloodline resides was when I was 13. I remember hugging my grandfather and grandmother for the last time. ⁠ .⁠

A surge of emotions like hot sap moving through my veins.⁠ .⁠ My Grandma looked strait into my heart and told me with a firmness that rocked my bones.⁠ .⁠ "Whatever you are doing Saera, how you are choosing to live your life, that is what the world needs more of if it is going to survive."⁠ .⁠ You see in that moment she gave me permission to live my life in the way I needed to.⁠ .⁠ It took me 18 years to shed the guilt I carried from following a life path washed far from the shoreline of my living relatives. I felt ashamed that I couldn't call more. Saddened that my complicated living circumstances meant visiting dying relatives endangered the entire foundation of the life I had created. ⁠ .⁠ It was as I was guided to retrieve a soul fragment of mine during a session that these very grandparents greeted me. I knew they held the piece I was seeking yet was immobilised from feeling undeserving.⁠ ~ who was I to ask from them without a proper offering?~⁠ Thats when I started to think of everything I am grateful for in my life. From the luscious farm, my family tends. My daughter growing up with a foundation of wild witchy ways. I saw the friendships I have stewarded and the business birthed from my passion. My beloved husband and all the play, personal growth and presence I receive from this relationship (almost 10 years of it!) ⁠ .⁠ I then saw how every step and decision along my path was needed to bring me to this moment of harvest. Realising that the greatest offering I could give them was a life I was proud of.⁠ .⁠ How are you embodying a life that you could offer back?⁠

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