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Message Received



Receive . Deliver. Integrate

Psychic Information

Section Title

This is perfect for you if...


☾You have experienced some form of psychic impression via: a dream, intuitive knowing, vision, gut feelings

☾You want to receive more of them, in less haphazard random ways

☾You want to learn grounded body-led psychic techniques

☾You want to rekindle trust in your insights through validating them

☾Your ready to unpack that feeling you need to “protect” or hide this part of yourself (possibly even from yourself)

☾Your ready to reveal missing information needed for breakthroughs

Your Guide

Saera Burns

Clairvoyant . Ritualist . Teacher of Oracle Arts 

​After shutting down her psychic connection as a teenager after a disturbing experience she required years of developing systems to feel grounded and safe to open up this part of her.


She now has delivered thousands of supportive messages to people ​in over 6 countries! Saera is the founder of the Light House Academy of Oracular Arts, where she teachers others to empower their inner Seer. Clients work with her through a healing modality she pioneered called Deep Soul Journeys) and ​are supported by her with big life transitions and decisions via Crossroa​​d Clairvoyant Council & Ask The Invisibles​.​ ​ ​


When she isn't supporting clients or her 3 ​wild children, she could be found barefoot in the garden, philosophizing over pu'erh tea with her husband, or preparing another witchy community ritual to mark the turning of the year. 


DAY 1 message received SPEAKAudio Replay coming soon
00:00 / 32:37



  1. FIND YOUR PERSON- ONLY 1! that consents to having you receive a message for during this training. 

    1. Suggestion: someone you know very intimately can be a more advanced reading, as you will need to hold neutrality.

    2. For the extra brave ... put a call out on social media set to "friends" and see who responds with interest. 

    3. f.y.i: if they are pregnant it could be a bit more of an advanced reading as there is another soul inhabiting them ha!

  2. TRACK HOW YOU SPEAK- AND THINK, notice the words you use about yourself and others. Do you feel drained or empowered?


  1. SPEAK THIS AFFIRMATION OUTLOUD I love this format I learned through the "intenders circles"

    1. You speak out loud as though it has already happened and focus on affirming words- instead of words that you do not wish.

    2. I am so grateful that I received a clear, accurate, and relevant message for __(insert name)___________ which was delivered with grace and ease at the end of the challenge. So be it and so it is, it is done, it is done!


DAY 2 "See" recordingAudio Replay coming soon
00:00 / 28:30

The second training is out! Today we explore different ways of connecting with "sight" 

Ideas covered:

  • Receiving information from your surroundings and nature

  • tracking sensations in your body in relation to information 

  • Differentiating between oneself/energy from others using physical objects

  • Receiving Visual information from your surroundings

  • associating meaning to images 

  • Dreams and delivering challenging messages

  • life-saving messages

  • visual boundaries


Challenge Task:


FIND A PIECE OF LOOSE PAPER (not in a journal): for psychic intuitive information that comes to you regarding the person you are receiving a message for during the challenge. 


  1. Draw a border around the edge of the paper signaling to your mind the readings "boundary edge"

  2. Choose a place to put this paper. 

    1. Either front and center, on an alter or fridge etc..

    2. Or cover it when not practicing the challenge tasks if you want extra buffer

INTUITIVELY CHOOSE 1 OR MORE BOOKS. If you have the space I suggest visiting a library and finding the books walking around, and tracking your bodies draw to them.

  1. Set a timer for 5 minutes
    Intuitively flip through pages until your sight tunnels into a word/picture/ paragraph

  2. Find 3 to 5 that stand out

  3. Right them down (in small writing- you will need space for more) on the page for the message

BONUS task for more advanced readings


  1. Go on a walk, setting the intention that you will find 1-3 symbolic messages relating to the person you are reading. They can be seen through animals + encounters with others + visual stimuli

  2. Set a timer eg. 5-15 minutes (this will be the receiving messages window)

    1. remember to notice the body's sensation changing. The unique draw in your attention is key to the relevance

  3. Take notes and add to your page the insights



DAY 3 "Hear"Audio Replay coming soon
00:00 / 33:00

This day went into more advanced information as this theme on hearing is a very nuanced one. In a world where "voices" in one's head is not generally accepted or trained.


  • exploring the psychic subconscious "radio channel" 

  • mental psychic protection practice (advanced at end of the video)

  • schizophrenia

  • differentiate between own inner narrative and other voices coming

  • "voice cloaking" as a way for unseen guiding presences to communicate with us internally

  • sharing experimental truths and bloopers

  • and more...


Start practicing this technique with your own personal questions. If you feel comfortable asking for "your person" so so on BACK of the page you have for them as it needs space.

  1. Get out your journal and pen (you can light a candle as well)

  2. Create the parameters of the invitation to communicate with- something like this. 

    1. "This work is here to connect with a benevolent, loving ally that me and my soul are already very comfortable with and has been guided by throughout my life"

  3. Set a timer for 5 minutes or less. Longer can be more on your mind if this is newer to your system

  4. Start with writing your name with a colon beside it on left of the first line

    1. eg. Penelope:

  5. Write a greeting down and an invitation to start the conversation.

  6. Choose a "handle" for your guide weg "Invisible friend"

    1. On a new line write their handle and begin opening your inner hearing to words that pop into your mind.

    2. Start with one word at a time and move to more as you become comfortable

    3. DO NOT try to make sense of what is being written (until completed)

  7. Once the timer ends or you feel complete write a farewell to them and make sure you get some form of goodbye in return. Ideally, you will hear it, and feel a difference in your body. Repeat a couple of times in writing if you do not feel closure,

    1. then if necessary command them leave.


DAY 4: FeelAudio Replay coming soon
00:00 / 32:59


Alrighty we slowed things down and brought ourselves into our body today. 

Themes covered:

  • orienting your body with the Earth mindfulness meditation

  • your body's yes and no vrs the mind yes and no

  • neglecting body and psychic-led impulses

  • body intelligence of protection

  • relinquishing irrelevant protective mechanism

  • plant communication

  • body-workers and intuitive hits time and energetic capacity when supporting others

  • setting physical space to hold heavier energies

    ... and more 




  1. Go to local grocery store- health store extra ideal-

    1. Your own medicine/herb collection can work if its diverse enough

  2. Set a timer 2min+ for letting your body guide you around to different medicines/ herbs/ food that your body feels drawn to in relation to "your person"

  3. Take notes of what you are drawn to

    1. you can use the "body sway " practice  in the choosing

  4. Find 2-5 psychic impressions

  5. Write down findings on your "Message Received" paper from Day 2


  1. Brainstorm up to 5 questions you are "absolutely sure 100% Yes about" & up to 5 you are absolutely 100% disagree with. It helps if you word them as "I am"

    1. eg. I am a purple chimpanzee from Mars - likely thats a strong NO

  2. Mix up the questions (you can have someone ask you them as well)

  3. Invite your body to show you the YES and No by swaying like a pendulum

  4. After a bit it should be clear what direction or movement represents.

* This is also a great way to learn if your body-led Yes or No is confused/repressed which could have further follow-up* 



GMT20230722-020055_RecordingDAY 5 Share
00:00 / 28:50


You made it to the final training! At this point you may be wondering.

"Saera, how the heck am I going to make sense of all these random notes?"

Well dear I wish I could hold your hand when you start to translate them with your person... but alas this is so
mething you must brave by yourself.

That being said follow these guidelines and feel my loving structure with you.


  • Preparing your body to relax enough to be tuned into the subtle signals coming

  • creating guidelines and agreements that honor the choice

  • power of feedback and engaging with the meaning behind personalized symbols

  • "opening" a message

  • bringing joy and delight into this work


Its time to put it all together and do the most edgy task of experimenting with delivering a message! You got this!

  1. Set the intention for the message to provide beneficial supportive guidance that is easefully integrated into their life

  2. Set the "space" to help orient you with your surroundings

    • Believe it

    • Receive it

    • Leave it

    • Lend it

  3. Have a person (or yourself) to choose 1 of 3 themes

    • Body - physical / body oriented

    • Heart - emotions/longings

    • Mind - decision 

  4. Bring out your notes and start the conversation. Notice if there are any notes that are popping out and start to fill in the gap.

    1. Remember the sensations you felt in your body instead of simply the association (see the first question for clarification)

  5. Finish by folding paper and releasing it

    1. burn it, recycle it, give it to your person

  6. Yay!


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