Meet Saera

Ritualist* Clairvoyant * Biz Witch

Ambassadress of the Unseen * Mentor


Ceremonialist * Tantrika *Prayerformance Artist

Phoenix Amara

"Working with Saera Burns reawakened a stirring in my soul to embrace the suppressed powers I've always known existed. In the few sessions we had together, I was able to reconnect with my intuition with more trust and surrender.


Thank you Saera for helping open me up to even more magic, abundance and possibility! Her sessions come highly recommended for anyone seeking more shifts, abundance and magic"


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Sacred business coach * Creativity expert

Shereen Sun

"Saera has a beautiful connection to the Spirit realm that everyone can benefit from! She is fun & whimsical while also being deeply grounded. If your a spiritual leader you'll love her support!"


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Spiritual Councelor * interdisciplinary healing artist

Charlotte Nguyen

"Saera is a such a bestowment of the truest purest magic. Thank you for helping all who are blessed to be guided by you to see beyond the veils."


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