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How little Saera got her wish to become a psychic teacher- a life story

Updated: May 25

I have little “credentials” to make a fancy list for you all. Because I chose to learn and study through self-led, knee shaking- radical means. Instead, I’ve summed up my qualifications in this synapse of my life story.  Enjoy.

 (disclosure this took all the allotted time to write so please forgive my typos & grammar- or send me the edited version at your leisure ha!)

When I was little I remember declaring that I wanted to be a teacher… and a psychic. Well high five little missy you made it! Let me tell you a story about how this curious somewhat ferral Saera did just that and then some…

One of my oldest memories was scowling at a magical doll Samantha my godmother made for starting to speak to me with an old womans voice. No I was not startled or scared, but thoroughly pissed she didn't sound like a baby- fair. 

Regardless of the rolling eyes of kids my age when I shared said stories of dolls talking to me, or talking to me, I held strong to this belief in the Invisible realms. Tooth fairies receiving elaborate messages, and hand-sewn garments as thank you for visiting me until my last tooth. Unlike many who crumple under society's pressure to “grow up” I saw it as a challenge to preserve this connection to magic.

That is exactly what I did.

At 8 my consciousness/spirit began leaving my body. I called it my “I’m not here” time where I was peering down on myself from about 10 ft above and watching the mechanics of speaking with a slow lag between where I hovered. The first “Esoteric class” I taught was to a friend under the playground at recess. I remember guiding her into meditation so she could join me in drifting above the wooden platform above us.

It was becoming pretty clear I needed a spiritual non-church approach to my growing psychic sensitivities. I began astral projecting and after accidentally getting stuck for over a “year” in a different timeline dimension one dream I became quite nervous of sleeping. My parents had been sharing the adventures of their “old soul” daughter with friends and one suggested a shamanic route. 

So bless their hearts, at age 13 they found a weeklong intensive in the mosquito ridden Algonquin park to delve into Shamanic mysticism. Here I trained in Soul Retrieval, astral tracking and other psychic techniques with other x3 my age.

Around 14 I had a psychic awakening that crescendoed into a psychotic breakdown. It started with accidentally pulling snippets of memories from my boyfriend's secretive mind which without context seemed like a cool party trick. Unfortunately, each image was but a tip of an iceberg of a traumatic event… Stepping into in mind turned into a couple of days being unable to fully disconnect from his memories. Until I violently forced that door closed and began to turn down the volume… real low… to function in a world that didnt fit my mind. 

At that point I processed it all through art. Intense, art depicting soul-sucking demons, chained fairies, and multi-dimensional beings missing an eye. (I’ve added art to give a taste) I tried to be a “regular” angsty teenager, bouncing from punk shows to late nights in grungy city parks and getting kicked out of dances for being piss drunk. Those were my numbing days.

That tragectory was a bleak one and after finally breaking up with my boyfriend who had started a meth addiction I decided life needed a big-ol make-over.

I feel like my guides decided to help me veer back on track because all of a sudden I heard about a cute public alternative school in an old victorian home taking auditions. They adored me and I closed all my relationships and began a new adventure. One where teachers taught Dreams and Mythology, Goddess lore and I got an A+ for concocting a bizarre “locating” ritual involving an amethyst crystal buried in a pot with my sliced-off dreadlock, tied to a stick… exhale My type of education! 

I found a community house filled with witchy obscure friends, altars in every corner, and one of my to this day dearest friend who would sew costumes with me until dawn! I must of been making ripples because I was referred to the local Reclaiming witch camp Wild ginger and at 15 found myself with my first paid gig as the Councellor for witchlets. During the day I would bring kids on elemental fairy adventures and at night cackle with crones while we danced in wild abandon unders the stars. 

A few months after my 16th birthday I took the whole “rite of passage” concept that is greatly lacking in the Western World into my own hands. No it wasnt learn to drive or start working at a grocery store. My version was hitchhike from Toronto to Vancouver Island- BC… 3521.13km with my not-boyfriend anymore (a new one dont worry guys) and $100 and see what happened.

Quickly we separated ways and I found myself with a backpack, lots of time, and the need to survive living on the streets and camping out in forests. I believe it was the primal need to be hyper-alert to danger that turned up that very quiet psychic volume. Not only did I need it to guage who to trust, I needed it to “hunt” racoon style for my food. Intuitively guiding me to dumpsters filled with goodies, random treasures, and more. I would spend whole days following the guiding forces within me to have profound synchronistic encounters, opportunities, and prayers answered. It was my psychic training ground.

I could write volumes of stories from those days of following the wind- having my guides train me through vivid lived experiences as rarely did I have more then $100 on me I needed to learn Manifestation and did I ever. At the peak of perfecting this art I invited my 6 friends living in a van in the desert of Tuscan to make a wishlist. Later that night as we jumped into our favorite Trader Joes dumpster every item on the list was waiting for that. To top it off, the dog who was with us clearly got his wish with a big bag of food. For years I travelled across Canada, USA, and Mexico 80% by foot, hitchhiking, and riding freight trains with my worldly possessions on my back. Oh the days of minimalism… sigh…

I digress.

It was only when my travels flew me to Hawaii that I found my next teacher in the Mystical arts. Ayahuasca . My first real experiences doing deep msytcial work within ritual containers held my diverse teachers and traditions… I loved it! Over the years of being her student I sat with the Sante Diame Church, Prem Baba, One of the 13 grandmothers, Shipibo lineage, Brazilian Shamans, Rainbow circles and eventually became an assistant in all-women ceremonies. 

The most important trainings I took away from those years was working with my voice. Learning to be a conduit for the Unseen world to sing through me and in turn bring healing. From old raspy men to fluttering elemental fae. I learned how to say yes when they pushed against my chest for their voices to be heard. To this day that feeling remains the same - a knocking on my chest from the Invisibles requesting to participate and join in. I also learned how to keep lucid and grounded in reality to track the participants physically and energetically from dusk to dawn. I was in service to straddling th invisible and practical worlds. From tracking purge buckets,  to helping tune the space with smoke,sounds, and intentional priestess postures- regardless how strange they may look.

I was done sleeping on rooftops and hiding in the bushes I wanted a bed, so with that I needed to make some mula. I started a clothing business Starskins by upcycling and taking custom orders for Ritual garments I’d sell at the local farmers market. There was something about working directly with a person by sewing for them that opened a new psychic sense up. I would find myself in deep communion with my clients energetically while sewing. Sometimes crying at the serger while processing a heartbreak. Every broken needle and tangled thread became an opportunity to help “mend” my clients through the garment. To the point I simply could not just hem a pair of pants, without having this intimate experience.

However this was mainly secretive, I would share with a few I trusted and have my visions and insights validated. 

I became a married woman with a daughter I free birthed in the jungle at 23 and after a vivid dream from the Goddess Pele commanding our family move “or she would burn it down” drawing a line around our friends property… we left. She kept her word and missed that land in her 2018 lave flow which got VERY close. 

Our family attempted living the city life to be near grandparents and diverse opportunities and became very clear we were not able to harden up or numb ourselves enough to swing that. We took minimum wage jobs in the belly of the food and garment industries. I eventually changed my prayers from “I want out!!” to “I want in” in to that sensation of belonging and home and rightplace. The angels listened and a lifeline to California came our way, help by my husbands friend I had been told to “take up the offer he would give” years before by my guides… so we did! 

Here we are I’m 27 and we were living in a tent with a four year old and became pregnant and I’m still an undocumented Alien (yes officially) we didnt have the money or “legally” rich friends to sponsor me into Citizenship. We made the very painful yet honest decision to terminate the pregnancy. In doing so I made a vow to dedicate myself to being in service to birthing something else into the world that I could dedicate my life to. Prayers have a way of taking shapes you could never imagine.

Within a month my guides became very loud. They asked me.

“What is something unique to you that your community needs? Offer 10 free sessions of that”

All I could think of was this pesky psychic thing that would happen haphazardly. From the messages or dreams I needed to deliver to friends, my inability to create for someone without it being deeply intimate and onwards. I’ve lost the original post but it went something like…

“Using my connection as a seer I would love to offer 10 free distance sessions that are 100% experimental supporting you in a way I know nothing about, at 6a.m. in the morning before my toddler wakes up”

I had 40 friends eagerly guinea pig themselves within the hour … thus began the birthing of Deep Soul Journeys. For the first one the only instructions my guides gave were “get consent and sit at your altar with a journal.. Yup thanks guys. So I did just that and lit a candle. Upon closing my eyes I was instantly brought into a dreamlike psychic world where my person was waiting (I have since called it the Soul Realm) I began taking adventures with them and finding myself inviting in more guides and trippy things began to happen. People grandmothers were showing up, lodged arrows were disposed of and with them lifelong chronic pain.

For a few years I refined the Journey process as each session informed the structure that was naturally occurring and the key questions needed to unlock the process. The modality was born and a the next level of my training was being requested by my guides. 

“Saera we want you to learn to have us chanell through you”

That wasnt the part that delayed me obliging them for a couple more years… it was.

“To train with us you must do it on Facebook Live set to “public” as an act of service to people seeking support.” No getting through the awkward stage by myself… upfront and digital for goddess knows who to watch.

Eventually it was becoming almost painful feeling the pressure of my evolution and my ego. One day I finally surrendered and committed to 3 weeks of  a weekly Live Q&A with the Invisibles. It was excruciatingly awkward and my first live broadcast even had my Catholic Grandmother watching. However as each week went by and the questions and answers continued I started to warm to the experience with the validation from those receiving. 

Thus began Ask the Invisibles, which I continued for 90 weeks! You can head over to to see the archive of these readings. So after getting my training in I integrated sessions with the Invisibles in one-on-one and small Community councils re: zoom. This became the first time in many years I was working “live” with my clients voices and realtime experiences, instead of texted questions and journeying by myself at the safety of my altar.

There are so many stories that could be stitched between these, from touring 5 cities with the invisibles, sitting with a high caliber mediums, and on and on.  Needless to say that little girl got her wish.

I now live nestled in the woods on an Island with zero stoplights in the ever-blooming glorious madness of a family of 5 and too many chickens. Running a global mystery school the Light house Academy, and tending to the movement of integrating the Unseen voices into the world as they have for mellenia. This very treatment room I write in was built solely for this work and my offerings to be held.

~ More stories for another day dearies, off to the kids and planting veggies in the garden!

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