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Spirit & Bone Podcast is here!

.... drum roll... ☽Spirit & Bone Podcast☾ is available on streaming platforms! My Capricorn 1.11 new moon gift to the world

As a launch BONUS I've added all the interviews from 2020 Ritual As Remedy series featuring the epic line-up of:

🕯️ @Phoenix Muranetz

🕯️ @Luna Battalia

🕯️ @Lizsea Shipman

🕯️ @Jenny Ann Holden

🕯️ @Shayna Gladstone sister-stone

🕯️ @Leilani Witch Prophet & Sun Sun

🕯️ @Shaela Noella Roselena

🕯️ @Ishka Lha

🕯️ @Lila Sophiah

🕯️ @Jessica Benstock

🕯️ @Seraphina Capranos

🕯️ @jasmeen

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An apothecary of uncommon thoughts prepared by Saera Burns Ritualist-Seer-Teacher of Psychic-Somatic arts with unique ingredients from each guest. Spirit & Bone is for the FULL-SPECTRUM human devoted to living from the fulcrum between the mundane and the mystic. Listeners are invited to find a task that keeps your hands moving from cleaning to pulling weeds. Let yourself feel like you have moved forward in someway at the end of each episode.

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