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Offer what you need the most.

Community Building Project

The Bees Nest is a platform to support Womxn facilitated in-person collaborations, events, skill shares, and offerings. Specifically geared towards wellness, embodiment, spirituality, earth-based skills.

This is a pollination project is geared towards residents of Salt Spring Island: 

The Bees Nest offers:

 * Monthly New Womb Rituals

 * Cozy Co-working space for entrepreneurs

 * Online community for pollination of events

 * local resource guide for venues to offer from

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Birthing council (Facebook Cover).png

Annual Birthing Council

Sharing concerns, joys, and resources with one another around  Built & strengthened relationships with available support networks for this sacred adventure of pregnancy and postpartum.


Now babies have been born, changes in midwifery care continue, and another round of little fetuses preparing for life.


Its time again to gather, and this time I want to hear the diverse birth stories of 2022-2023 babies from families! I also want to have a moment to have a moment to collectively hold prayerful space for the currently pregnant folks.


There will be a birth story sign-up in the registration and space day of to jump in if you feel the call.

Please share with any you feel may benefit from this container.





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Sharing Sacred Focus Through Co-working

This gathering is designed as a response to the isolation that all the behind the scenes of tending a biz can bring.


The formula is simple:

1- Host sets up workspaces for participants

2- Make some tea and encourage snacks

3- Use the pomodoro timer method

4- During brakes stretch, chat, snack, hear updates etc...

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