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Community Building Project

The Bees Nest is a platform to support Womxn facilitated in-person collaborations, events, skill shares, and offerings. Specifically geared towards wellness, embodiment, spirituality, earth-based skills.

This is a pollination project is geared towards residents of Salt Spring Island: 

The Bees Nest offers:

 * Monthly New Womb Rituals

 * Cozy Co-working space for entrepreneurs

 * Online community for pollination of events

 * local resource guide for venues to offer from

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Sharing Sacred Focus Through Co-working

This gathering is designed as a response to the isolation that all the behind the scenes of tending a biz can bring.


The formula is simple:

1- Host sets up workspaces for participants

2- Make some tea and encourage snacks

3- Use the pomodoro timer method

4- During brakes stretch, chat, snack, hear updates etc...





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