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Teaching from a fallen fir Tree

Teaching from a fallen elder fir tree.

The hallow will eventually fall. 

Our beliefs and agendas are like sapling growing in a crowded forest. Some of them will take root and grow more solid by the year. Rooting deeper into the rich forest floor~ spreading below and reaching above. 

Over the years or even decades, these parts of ourselves start inhabiting more and more space. Demanding of more of our attention and focus, while simultaneously acting as a place of stability. The longer a tree survives the more it touches around it, the more influence whether life-giving or shading out the less robust.

So what happens when that very belief or agenda has lost the vitality within it. For we change and the world changes.

What once was true and secure has become hollow and brittle within. Unable to withstand the forces around putting pressure on the trees to validate the space and resources they are occupying. 

Eventually, even the greatest longstanding reign of a story will compost into the very soil it formed. Sometimes even from its scattered base springs new life.

Saplings bursting from wood chips towards the sun again.

When that time comes what will you choose to remain?

 To grow stronger day by day decade by decade.

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