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Free 5-Day


☾ JULY 17TH- 21st ☽


Train your mind and body to receive psychic information for yourself & others

Challenge registration closed

Check out upcoming 8-week

Psychic-Soma Council.

We start Sept.15

What you’ll get:

> 5 free LIVE teaching + Q&A calls with me to guide you through the process, step by step

> Daily emails that go over the steps with Recording 

Section Title

This is perfect for you if...

☾You have experienced some form of psychic impression via: a dream, intuitive knowing, vision, gut feelings

☾You want to receive more of them, in less haphazard random ways

☾You want to learn grounded body-led psychic techniques

☾You want to rekindle trust in your insights through validating them

☾Your ready to unpack that feeling you need to “protect” or hide this part of yourself (possibly even from yourself)

☾Your ready to reveal missing information needed for breakthroughs

Daily practices


q&A with 
Saera During live calls

Your Guide

Saera Burns

Clairvoyant . Ritualist . Teacher of Oracle Arts 

You will be guided by a professional Clairvoyant & Medium (moi) who has transformed random psychic phenomena into modalities and session models that have delivered thousands of supportive messages to people all around the World.


I believe that with expansive belief systems, genuine curiosity, creative listening, grounded routine, and the right questions  ANYONE can receive psychic impressions.  By learning how to listen with all your senses we can access a myriad of poignant revelations that are needed to initiate ourselves and others in life transitions and big decisions.

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Saera message meceived profile.png

Shall you join?

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