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Welcome fellow psychic explorer

Let me share a rare precious multi-tool for navigating this wild Human Life


I call it the "Seers Compass"

The Seers Compass is geared to exploring one's intuitive and clairvoyant capacities ability to inform ourselves and others with revealing hidden relevant insight. Students will learn to confidently translate abstract visions into meaningful guidance. The aim is to move away from sporadic-haphazard paranormal experiences and towards establishing trusted pathways of connection with relatable wisdom from the Unseen world.


 The lab portion will have participants practice receiving and interpreting psychic impressions for others, ideally to gain confidence in translating their visions into meaningful guidance. There will be a few hot-seat Crossroad Clairvoyant readings from Saera during class to showcase behind-the-scenes of how and why she structures sessions. Along with exploring how the Seers Compass can be integrated into service-based support professions for navigating complex clients needs.


Overall, this type of program aims to empower individuals to embrace their psychic potential, cultivate intuitive skills, and integrate the Seers compass as a profoundly useful navigational tool.

Meet Saera(She/her/They)

Ritualist* Seer 

Ambassadress of the Unseen  

 Teacher of Oracular Arts

Saera Burns is an Ambassadress of the Unseen: Clairvoyant, Theta Healing practitioner, Soul Physician and teacher of the mystic arts.  Saera has been exploring her fascination with the Great Mystery since a child, through Spirit Guide connection, plant communication, and participating in diverse ceremonies.

 Currently living on unceded Coast Salish territory in a 20-person land-based community on Salt Spring Island. She plays "house" with her husband and 3 children ranging from 0-11. They also steward the beautiful Orchestra farm. Saera's passion for the complex nature of the Soul has led her to teaching and supporting clients in over 6 countries with theirs.

 You can find her on the dance floor, holding ritual space, singing to the wild or communing with plants.



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