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What are you dreaming into? What projects or inspiration have you had on the back burner? Do you want to host a retreat, offer workshops, have a group program, start a collective? Clarify and actualise!

Inner landscape

What blocks may you have to being seen by your community, or the world in your radiant purpose? Lets get right in there and do the inner work to let yourself feel safe to shine!

Content & Strategies

Explore and tend your offerings through content creation and strategies. Utilize Saera's 10 years experience exploring Entrepreneurial endeavors to help form the formula that works for you.

Mentorship support

Receive the guidance, inspiration and loving support needed to bring inner guidance into outward action.  Feedback is key! 

Witchy ways

Embody your magic through ritual, movement, play, and visioning exercises. Sharing your shine takes developing your capacity to LIVE it..

Ready to invest in the supportive container your magic is needing?

Lets connect!

Schedule a free Soul Consultaion call with

Saera & The Invisibles. 

Taking new clients with a passion for ritualistic leadership and community building for 2021


Why Saera as a guide?

From teaching in-person classes, to online courses.

Touring by land or  broadcasting to a global audience ,

hosting webinars or a  5-day challenge.

Completing 100 weekly live Channelled Q&A's

Building community through monthly womans rituals

Graduating from an business program.....

Lets just say I've explored how to offer what I love!

Well dear I have been pursuring my spiritual practice of Entrepreneurship since 2010 when I started a  one-of a kind up-cycled clothing business Star Skins to move beyond poverty. It became clear I had more to offer then adorning others. So after  an emotional life-changing event I asked the big question.

"What is unique to me that my community needs?"

In 2013 even as a stay at home mother with a 2-year old living in the mountains, I took on answering this.  I started my practice as a Clairvoyant and Soul Physician offering distant sessions at 6a.m. before my daughter awoke!  thus birthed the modality Deep Soul Journeys. Many around the world were and continue to be supported by this.

I began taking my offerings from 2013-2015 to the next level, training in the front line assisting the facilitator in plant medicine assisted ceremonies with up to 30 participants. To aid in my spiritual tool kit I became a Theta Healing Practioner and continue to integrate aspects of this to my work.

Yet... there was an offering that I was deeply scared to share with the public from fear of social prosecution- being a medium- My guides would only train me if I videoed and put online EVERY transmission... eek right! 

!n 2016 I took the plunge and began offering Facebook Live weekly Q&A's with my guides the Invisibles (see transmission archive) and since completed 100 episodes, with participants in over 6 countries!!

By 2017 I began teaching in-person and online programs and even toured "Energetic Hygeine: Not mine, what next?" in 5 cities and in 2019 launched the online course. 


What was missing... my connection to my local community felt like it needed more ritual so I began a free monthly 4-hour offering for Womxn called the New Womb Ritual. in 2018.

It became clear I was passionate about entrepreneurial ladies thriving and knew the challenges of promoting oneself. As another gift to my community and myslef connecting with other biz bees, I started the Bees Nest Project This included teaching  x2 "In your hands" website design for Womxn & starting a structured co-working space at my home.

In 2018-2019 I decided to bravely invest in my business  and thus clients by enrolling in the Muse Business Academy   Providing me with a whole new lense at what I wished to prioritize. 

 I launched my first 4-week online course on Energetic Hygeine and ran the first wave of students through, after teaching a  successful free public webinar. To share my meditation practice with others I created a 5-day Embodied Intuitive Challenge. Finishing the year with creating what has become a yearly online class called Calendar Magic. 

   During this massive business uplevel I started my one-on-one mentorship as part of my offerings.

Come 2020 I had situated my business in a good spot to navigate the impacts of Covid as it was all geared to be online and decided instead of creating any new content..... which as an Aries is REALY hard.... I went with re-purposing and launching my online course again! I also was very pregnant with my second daughter so chose to slow down and focus on my personal journey  and homeschooling my 8 year old due to lock down school closure .

What comes now, I'm excited to reveal when the time is ripe!

~sending magnetic love and appreciation to all the Biz Witches out there!

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