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Ritualistic psychic support for those ready to 

Move forward

Deep Soul Journey


1-on-1 *distance


Psychic Readings

1-on-1 & Group 
Online or In-person

Psychic Soma

4-week training

Oct 6- Nov 3

Ritualist Path

6-month program

Nov. 4th In-person



In-person &

Meet Saera(She/her/They)

Ritualist* Seer * Witch

 Teacher of Oracular Arts

After a disturbing experience as a teenager, she disassociated from her psychic connection. It took many years of developing systems to feel grounded and safe to open up this vulnerable part of her. She now has delivered thousands of supportive messages to people in over 6 countries!

Saera is the founder of the Light House Academy, where she teachers others to empower their inner Seer. When she isn't supporting clients or her 3 magical children, she could be found communing with her garden, philosophizing over pu'erh tea with her husband, or preparing another witchy community ritual to mark the turning of the year.  

 Currently living on a land-based community in the unceded Coast Salish territory known currently as Salt Spring Island where they steward the beautiful Orchestra farm.


How you live your life

is the greatest gift

you can give

to your ancestors.

~Saera Burns


The Magic In Action Podcast

Podcast coming in 2021! Feel free to wet your whistle with some of the Ask The Invisibles Episodes in the meantime.


Mira Shanti

"This was a most visual, profound, and poignant experience for me.

A month now after Saera entered my psyche and journeyed with me, the imagery and text she provided continues to inspire self reflection and growth. The story that [I] told her, and Saera's style of drawing in symbolism, archetypes, mysticism, folklore, universal wisdom etc left an impression so intricate...that my understanding and benefit continues to show new layers. Saera's presence in my world was so welcome. She is gentle, supportive, curious, and courageous. If you are looking for answers to your questions - go no further than your own psyche, if you would like assistance accessing this honest, limitless, resource within you, Saera Burns is a guide who I highly recommend."


Stara Being

"Our family has done multiple journey's with Saera. Individual journey's, a coming of age for our daughters birthday and most recently a couples journey.  We keep coming to Saera because her information is insightful, at the depth that we experience life and transformational.  We will continue to use Saera as a guide and we look forward to learning from her how go into these depths of our soul ourselves.  Her journey's bring clarity and the work she does while in these realms is felt immediately. We love Saera and her offerings.  We are super grateful for her presence in our lives."

Yellow Roses

Mandy Layden

"I can't thank Saera enough for the healing and guidance her journey with my soul has brought me. For 15 years I was lost, trying so hard to do anything I could to completely find myself again and heal my soul. The session with Saera did exactly that, and I feel like a whole person again. Fate allowed me to stumble across her amazing gift, and I'm sure glad I did. I am amazed by the conversation we had explaining her journey with my soul. I would recommend a session with Saera to anyone who feels like they need to reconnect with themselves. She is truly a beautiful soul with an amazing gift! Thank you so much, Saera, for sharing what you do to help everyone!! Words cannot express what you have done for me or how grateful I am to have connected with you. :) Much love xoxoxoxo"


Phoenix Amara

"Working with Saera Burns reawakened a stirring in my soul to embrace the suppressed powers I've always known existed. In the few sessions we had together, I was able to reconnect with my intuition with more trust and surrender.


Now months later, I have opened a gateway to greater communication with the spirit world, can manifest easier, have received more prosperity imaginable, and am feeling a rejuvenation of my feminine essence. I attribute much of these shifts to working with Saera - and her amazing gifts for calling in the Sacred Feminine. 


Thank you Saera for helping open me up to even more magic, abundance and possibility! Her sessions come highly recommended for anyone seeking more shifts, abundance and magic"


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