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Mama Psychedlia Podcast interview

In this episode of The Mama Psychedelia Podcast, I interview Saera Burns, a mama of 2 soon to be 3, who’s currently traversing through her birthing window, in between worlds, awaiting her third to come through. Saera is an Ambassadress of the Unseen: Clairvoyant, Theta Healing practitioner, Soul Physician and teacher of the mystic arts. She has been exploring her fascination with the Great Mystery since a child, through Spirit Guide connection, plant communication, and participating in diverse ceremonies. Currently living on unceded Coast Salish territory known currently as Salt Spring Island with her husband and two daughters in a beautiful community. Saera's passion for the complex nature of the Soul has led her to teaching and supporting clients in over 6 countries with theirs. You can find her on the dance floor, holding ritual space, singing to the wild or communing with plants. In our chat together,

Saera shares with us her connection to her lineage, her childhood and tapping into her gifts with the unseen realms, explore telepathy, communication with guides, ancestors, spirits, plant medicine and so much more. Saera speaks to some of her own journeys with medicines & molecules such as Ayahuasca and DMT and how they were allies in her stepping into her work in this world and preparing for her stepping into mothering, but how ultimately these mystical realms have been deeply rooted in her being from a very young age. She talks about the ritual of calling in her children, the sacred contract with her partner early on in stepping into partnership and parenthood, along with many insights into what ritual means to her and how it is deeply interwoven in her life and mama hood, we talk about the visions of her birth, and how her previous two births varied in free birthing for her first & having regulated midwifery care for her second, her children’s connection to birth, as well as who she sees present their and her incredible mother blessing story by the ocean. As a mystical being myself, this conversation was richly validating and inspiring, I hope you enjoy.

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Intro Music "Waters of the Earth" by Satori covered by me, Mackenzie.

(For more of her music, check out her Spotify)

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