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playfully following

Letting the seasonal
guide your life

Mentorship support

empower your
Witchy ways

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Rituals ripple into our lives,

 Welcoming magic and mystery to dine with presence.

Simple rituals like smoke traveling wishes of birthday candles

To honoring babies slipping into this world,

or letting life pass by into the next.


Your bones hold the tales of rituals.

Some lost in the ashes of Witches.

Others are buried in temple rubble.


A remembrance is being asked of you.

For there are needed rituals within you that survived all odds of extinction.

  For they are experiential remedies as a response

to transitions, ailments, and desires.


Rituals remembering .


Students will receive *Plan dependant*

Study Hive Includes

✔︎ x5 60min Ritual tending Zoom calls- 60 minute Wed. 2p.m. P.S.T/ 5p.m E.S.T CLICK HERE for local timezone converter

✔︎Online Ritual Hive for students to connect via Spaces App

✔︎Calendar Magic-Divining 2022 Live Webinar-December 22

✔︎x1  1-on-1 Ritual Remedy session with Saera & Invisibles

✔︎ x4 "Local Hive" community ritual templates

✔︎Spiral Round witchual guide  e-book

✔︎Ritual As Remedy Interview series

Local Hive Includes

Rituals will be held in magical outdoor locations on Salt Spring Island, BC. Canada. Participants must be prepared for all weather and capable of hikes up to 15 minutes. All materials will be provided and students will come home with ritual tools to add to their basket of magical tricks.

✔︎In-person Witchuals inspired by the Sabbaths & Modules:

Saturdays 1-4p.m.

✔︎ New Womb Ritual & Potluck

✔︎Templates for all rituals

✔︎ Ritual Hive "Facebook group" for students to connect  


Queen bee package

✔︎Access to all Local Hive in-person events

✔︎ Access to all Study Hive content + perks

✔︎x1 1.5 hour 1-on-1 in-person ritual support

✔︎ 50% off all 1-on-1 sessions with Saera (Deep Soul Journey + Naked Insight) scheduled during program

Study Hive Modules Include

Saera Burns 

Ritualist, Seer and Teacher of Mystic arts.


She has been exploring her fascination with the Great Mystery since a child, through Spirit Guide connection, plant communication, and participating in diverse ceremonies.

 She has a  colourful family life with her hubby and two feral daughters while tending Orchestra farm. on the unceded territory of the Hul’qumi’num and SENĆOŦEN speaking peoples / Salt Spring Island/BC/"Canada"

   Saera's core magic is rooted in the rich soil of her ancestral land of Ireland and earth-based Witch practices.  With support of her Spirit Mentors - The Invisibles- she has been a playful present guide in a wide range of rituals including

✔︎ Expecting parent(s) blessing rituals

✔︎ Plant medicine journeys

✔︎ Womyns New Womb circles

✔︎ Honouring miscarriages

✔︎ Conscious conception 

✔︎ De-coupling

✔︎ Community Sabbath celebrations

✔︎ Group manifestation

..... and more

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Your Guide